Pussygrabber Plays

Tuesday, January 21

21st Century Theatre Festival: The Pussygrabber Plays

7:30pm, Mahaney Arts Center, Seeler Studio Theatre

Seven Trump accusers take the stage creating exquisite, unexpected windows into the lives of women who were previously reduced to a single trauma. Plays by Julia Brownell, Sam Chanse, Halley Feifer, Sharon Kenny, Melissa Li, Natasha Stoynoff, Bess WohlAnna Ziegler, Sharyn Rothstein. Co-created by Kate Pines ’03 and Sharyn Rothstein. Directed by Cheryl Faraone. 

Featuring: Daphne West, Aiden Amster, Joey Hernandez, Coralie Tyler, Bella Costantino-Carrigen, Emma Zetterberg, Wynn McClenahan, Gabby Valdivieso, Emily Ballou, Becky Strum, Julia Proctor, Emily Ma, Camille Roux, Ellie Bavier, Brianna Beach, Luke Kikukawa, Nuasheen Chowdhury, and Molly Dorion.

Co-Producer Stephanie Miller ’20

Cheryl Faraone (Director) has been on Middlebury’s Theatre faculty since 1986. In 1987, she co-founded the Potomac Theatre Project and continues as Producing Artistic Director. PTP’s immediate predecessor, New York Theatre Studio (1977-85) was also co-founded and run by Faraone and Richard Romagnoli. PG Plays joins a 40 year history of her work with women’s writing focusing on issues such as spousal abuse, suicide, class conflict, rape, gender identity, with writers including Caryl Churchill, Judith Thompson,  Y York, Gilly Frazier, Shelagh Stephenson, Sarah Kane, Pam Gems, Helen Edmundson, Sarah Daniels, Fengar Gail and recently Jaclyn Backhaus. New York work also includes assisting on the Broadway production of The American Clock and stints at the Public Theatre and Manhattan Theatre Club. She was recently inducted into the National Theatre Conference.